Human beings stuck between greed and need - Haramayn Hotels

Human beings are now living to enhance their standards of life. They claim that these are the basic needs one should have. No doubt that even you live somewhere for temporary reasons, you still arrange all basic needs for you. At the same time you cut off many things just because you know that the journey is just for few days.

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World is also a temporary place to live then why are we gathering all the assets of life. The peace of world is at stake because of the greed, if we will understand the difference between need and greed; it will be peaceful all around. Human beings know that the world is place to live and to serve. We are living but we have forgotten to serve, we want everything under our control. This urge of controlling is making it worse so, the world is suffering from an inevitable pain.

In one corner, some is building empires to be known as world’s highest and beautiful building and on the other corner someone is striving to maintain his house roof using tree branches. This is how life and experiences vary around the world. You pity on them for being poor and talk about their life struggles while enjoying your own luxurious life. Do you even realize that the truth you only talk about is what they are living in, no because you quite busy in satisfying your own greed in the name of need.

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